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MSB Accounting, offers the best small business accounting software packages at the lowest prices. Our range of small business accounting programs include the simple, easy to use small business software packages like Pastel Invoicing and Pastel My Business to the more comprehensive small business accounts packages like Pastel Xpress and Pastel Partner which is rated as the best small business accounting package. Pastel Accounting Software is the most widely used accounting software in South Africa.

Small Business Accounting Software

All small businesses should use a professional bookkeeping system, having your books in order will save you time, allow you to make good business management decisions and help keep SARS happy. Not all bookkeeping packages are complicated, we have a number of packges which are simple and easy to use.

Most Important Accounting Software Features

We have a number of small business accounting programs available, a detailed overview of each package can be found in the accounting system comparison – common features are:

  • Create quotations, issue invoices and print customer  statements.
  • Record and manage all expenses.
  • Handle stock control and inventory management
  • Calculate VAT returns / VAT payable
  • Multiple cash journals
  • General Ledger
  • Financial reporting: year end financial statement – trial balance, income statement and balance sheet.
  • Cashflow and budget management

MSB Accounting: Your trusted distributor of Pastel Accounting software

Manage your expenses, invoices and other accounting works by checking out the various software available here at MSB Accounting! Kick start your business by using Pastel Accounting products to optimize and organize your vital business transactions. Here, we will help you innovate and grow your business!

Work faster and easier with an accounting software

Take control of your invoicing, cash flow, payments, tax, and more through the available products here at MSB Accounting! We get our products from Pastel Accounting which provides simple and easy to use business software packages that are most widely used in South Africa.

About the Pastel Accounting software

Pastel products are the best South African accounting software available, which you can buy here at MSB Accounting. It offers a variety of tools, ranging from simple programs to complex systems. The details of each Pastel product can be found on the page dedicated to our products and services here at our website. To get a head start on what Pastel software can offer you, here is a brief list of its features:

  • Create quotations, issue invoices and print customer statements
  • Record and manage all expenses
  • Handle stock control
  • Calculate VAT returns or VAT payable
  • Multiple cash journals
  • General Ledger
  • Financial reporting, trial balance and balance sheet
  • Cash flow and budget management

Start growing your small business

Take a glance at the available Pastel software packages at our shop. For more detailed info, please go to our products and services page.

Available Pastel Accounting software packages here

  • Pastel My Business – Pastel My Business has the ability to handle bank transactions and basic company expenses. It has simple functions and is easy to use.
  • Pastel Xpress – Pastel Xpress can be used by more than 1 user or computer. This also has more advanced features.
  • Pastel Partner – Pastel Partner is the best small business software. It has many features available which allow it to be customized and meet your accounting needs.

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If you are new to this site, you have to create an account first before you can order our products. Creating an account is easy and quick! You just have to click on the signup button and fill out the needed details. After that, you can now place your order and start your accounting software journey! Also, it is worth taking note that we provide free deliveries for new customers.

Special discounts for loyal customers

As we said, MSB Accounting is here for you to help your business grow. With that, we offer a 50% discount for Pastel software upgrades! If you are interested, then please send your customer number or Pastel serial and we will quote on the relevant package. The discount is only for those who had ordered more than five times within the year.