Pastel Accounting

Pastel Accounting is the best South African accounting software available. Pastel accounting products have been made in South Africa, for South African businesses.

Pastel Accounting Software Packages

Pastel has a range of accounting products available, from simple, easy to use packages, to comprehensive enterprise level accounting systems. There is a common misconception that Pastel Accounting packages are difficult to use - this is not true; there are a number of simple bookkeeping packages available.

Pastel Accounting for start up businesses

These Pastel packages have simple functions and are easy to use. These accounting programs cover all the basic small business bookkeeping requirements.

Pastel My Business - All the features of Pastel invoicing, with the ability to handle bank transactions and basic company expenses.

Pastel Accounting packages for small businesses

These accounting software packages have comprehensive features.

Pastel Xpress Start Up - for one company and one user (1 computer)

Pastel Xpress - 1,2, or 3 users and multiple companies.

Pastel Accounting Program for Small to Medium sized businesses

Do you need a powerful accounting system? Pastel Partner is the best small business accounting software around. Partner has many add-on modules available, allowing this small business accounting package to be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Pastel Partner - the best small business accounting software.